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Privacy and personal data protection policy

Effektprof LLC treats confidential (personal) data of all techs who visit this site with great attention. This document establishes the types of personal data, rules for their processing, storage periods and conditions for transferring to third parties. Working with personal data is necessary not only for direct commercial transactions, but also for improving the quality of the services provided, therefore the company is forced to request personal data and establish the appropriate rules.

Collection of personal data

The owner and controller of the personal data collected on this website is Effektprof LLC. The personal data that is transferred to the company are as follows:

  • data provided by the user when filling out various registration forms on this site: name (less often full name), phone number, e-mail address, delivery address;
  • cookies;
  • ip-address;
  • parameters and settings of Internet browsers.

Personal data processing

The processing and storage of personal data takes place at the location of the equipment that ensures the functioning of this site. In addition, data can be transferred to other services of the company, but at the same time they are located in the exclusive and maximally protected area of ??the LLC "Effectprof". The place of storage and processing of such data is located at: Ukraine, Kiev, st. Borispolskaya 9, building 27.

Storage period for personal data

Personal data is stored for the period necessary for carrying out commercial transactions and after it, during the warranty period in strict accordance with the warranty rules for a particular type of product. Personal data can be deleted and cease to be the property of LLC "Effektprof" as part of the request of the owner of such data orally or in writing.

Conditions for transferring personal data to third parties

When placing an order for goods on this site, you give your consent to OOO "Effektprof" to transfer your personal data in any way not prohibited by law, in order to receive the products you ordered using the services of a third company. This is the only rule in which LLC "Effektprof" transfers personal data, in all other cases LLC "Effektprof" guarantees reliable protection of personal data of users of this site.

Cookies files

This site is designed to provide the best information possible and to meet the needs of its visitors. When you enter this site, text cookies are automatically downloaded to your computer and are updated the next time you visit this site. Cookies are used by Effektprof LLC to ensure personalization of information especially for you. However, you can deactivate this function at any time by changing the appropriate settings in your web browser. If you deactivate cookies, you can continue to use this site to the fullest.



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